We have a Research Center, where we investigate various topics of computer science, mathematics and mechanisms of thinking.

Our main directions in computer research are Complexity Theory, Programming Languages, Intelligence.

Also we are developing several projects in Computer Science, such as BCI (Brai-n-Computer Interface), Mental Processes Model, Apps for Business.

The research subject of our company is the algebraic approaches of expression and synthesis of complex compositional systems. The results are mathematical apparatus, high-technology tools and services. This research finds its application in mathematics, engineering, computer science, education, management, all the fields related to system’s design and analysis. This study has a potential to solve important paradoxes in mathematics of today, moving forward the world’s mathematical science. We uncover a single integral model of intelligence on the abstract algebraic level by which we can show (demonstrate) and measure the systems of such kind as social system, with all their relations and interactions, determining the nature of different phenomena in them, and do it clearer than other models, which helps to understand systems better and finely control their dynamics. We can use this research to increase the wealth of society.