One of our primary development directions are hardware and software for embedded multiprocessor sensor systems, one of which is a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI); systems development and Intelligence. We also directed to create such environments as sensor network infrastructures and apps for Signals Processing/Pattern Recognition.

Another topic of our development activities is the applications for supercomputer modeling and computations related to the pattern recognition and design of optimal architectures for scalable objective systems. This includes design for computer and/or software architectures, business models re-engineering, scheduling and tasks' tracking, etc. Our scheduling mechanism is based on the flexible tasks' list generation, which help people always be on the top.

Also, as has been noted above, our activities include the system and applied software development as the infrastructure for our deepest developments in the computer/software engineering. These are web and desktop applications development, services/cloud computing, grid and heterogeneous computing development, server and datastore applications, monitors and other system software, various business applications such as business planning, business infrastructure, workflow, reports, decisions making, analysis, etc.

We are developing tools and libraries for system programming which include specific implementations of effective software design patterns, our own developed design patterns, components and solutions for exquisite software parts, development tools, means for interface development and presentation of programs.

We provide expert services for all the companies with needs in highly qualified project management and technology advising, we give people and companies the optimal decisions concerning their potential, strategies both in business and technology directions, innovative consulting. All our clients were fully satisfied with our help and become our constant partners in the spheres of their working domains.

Our experience counts a number of contacts and connections all round the world with business partners and finance professionals, commercial and scientific leaders, professionals in all kind of services, most known companies and most influential areas of business. We have huge experience in negotiations with all kinds of clients, partners and target auditory, experience to work in international environment, knowledge in paperwork and accounting, organizational efforts and logistics. We have highly qualified presentation skills both in business and marketing meanings, publishing, oral presentations, educational activities, events, business meetings, societies, etc.

We have an expert knowledge in all the stages of computer/hardware/software engineering development. Become our client and you will have the best partnership experience ever!